Bad Parenting Award: Mom Gives Daughter Voucher For Lipo

In WTF?! news of the day, we found out what sweet Poppy Burge received for Christmas this year. You may remember Poppy from last year, when her mother, plastic-surgery-obssessed Sarah Burge (aka The Human Barbie), gifted her little tyke with a voucher for a boob job when she turns 16 — a legal, but still terrifyingly young age to surgically enhance one's body.
This year, seven-year-old Poppy unwrapped another voucher from mommy dearest, this one for liposuction. "She asks for surgery all the time," Sarah claims. "She wants to look good, and lipo is one of those procedures that will always come in handy." Yes, because one never knows when they'll suddenly feel the need to have their fat sucked out in a painful surgical procedure. To add further insult to (psychological) injury, Sarah suggested that these vouchers are along the same lines as "investing in her future — like saving money for her education." Let's keep our fingers crossed that Poppy only takes mom up on the education part. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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