Would You Carry Underwear On You 24/7?

You've probably got that one friend who carries absolutely everything in her bag. Paper cut? She's got a Band-Aid. Need a breath freshener? She'll offer you five different flavors of gum. But, we're betting Mary Poppins isn't carrying this.
Meet Cheeki, your savior for those moments when you could use a second pair of panties. And, you know, that's not exactly a rare occasion. Whether you've just finished an especially intense cardio-dance class or you find yourself settling in for an unexpected — ahem — sleepover, fresh undergarments would surely come in handy.
The company boasts a well-rounded collection, including boy shorts, a string thong, and even delicate lace trim. All of the styles, which retail below $20, come sealed in pretty, little airtight packages, so you can be sure that they'll fit in practically any of your carryalls. Plus, they're so cute you'll want to keep them around even after you've averted that crisis situation — as in, no, these are not disposable, one-time-use-only panties.
We're actually kind of surprised this is the first we're hearing of such a line. And, frankly, we wish we thought of it ourselves. At least we'll be able to impress the girls next time we're on the go and we pull one of these from our clutch.
But, what do you think? Is it worth it to be so well-prepared, or do you prefer to wing it when you head out the door? One thing's for sure: If you're anything like us, the carefree vibe of the photos ahead will have you stocking up — stat.

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