Cheap Thrill! Hop To It With Topshop's Bunny Ears

Ok, so we've been obsessed with those now-iconic Louis Vuitton bunny ears ever since they went down the runway, but we were never big fans of the LV price-tag. It seems someone at Topshop must have seen us trying on some ears from the post-Halloween bargain bin and taken pity on us, because they've turned out some stylish satin bunny ears that echo the Louis Vuitton ones. Granted, we may lose some dignity wearing these, but at $36, at least we won't lose our rent check too. So what are you waiting for? Hare-y up and get yourself a pair (And that's it for the bad puns for today, we promise!).
Topshop Bunny Ears Headband, $36, available at Topshop; Louis Vuitton Bunny Ears, image via Fashionologie.
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