CFDA/GQ Award Winner Robert Geller's Sober Celebration With Pink Putty Highlights!

Backstage, the male models at Robert Geller's fall presentation all the way west in the 40s, smiled, joked, and begged us for the beer they were handing out to the press. Front of house, though, the boys wore dour expressions to match the Viennese severity demonstrated by Geller this season. From the first look, a gray denim trench with black leather pants, there was not only a sense of Austrian 17th-century goth--something Geller highlighted in his show notes--but a feeling that every third walker, with his slicked-back hair and boots, was a Lagerfeld clone. Draping his men in massive knit shawls and courtly breeches, and topping them with what looked like wide-brimmed Amish hats, Geller pulled off the Kaiser Karl act superbly. No wonder he took home the GQ/CFDA Menswear award earlier this week. Perhaps the most interesting aspect was the use of a toned-down pink displayed here and their between the white fencing shirts and the black field jackets. He called it "fuchsia." We call it "pink putty."

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