Career Tips From The Next Gen Of CEOs

We talk a lot about the secrets to success around here. We track down the best pieces of advice from people who learned the hard way. We advise on how to avoid common workplace pitfalls, and what it takes — physically, emotionally, spiritually — to achieve our goals. It's a subject that, like your career path, has no limits. But, truthfully we'd be remiss to only shoot to the very tip top to find the answers.
While it may be the business vets who write the book on how their industry works, it's the new league of leaders who can show us where it's going. And, with that in mind, consider the four women ahead as signs of very good things to come. These young entrepreneurs are not only fresh voices in fashion, feminism, and computer science, they're also some of the most inspiring voices in newer industries, like social media. With years of experience under their belts, as well as much more to be had, they've filled us in on what it takes to move ahead, and why they'll never discount what the younger generation brings to the table.
We won't all become the next Sheryl Sandbergs of our era, but at the least, we'll likely be working with them. And, no matter what your job title, it's pretty sweet to know that these ladies are the ones leading the charge. Meet them, ahead.

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