A Handy Guide To Famous Friend Groups Who Run Shit In Hollywood

Girl power. It's something we all strive to have more of in our everyday lives. The media consistently tries to pit women against one another, but male friend groups are heralded with playful names like the Brat Pack and Pussy Posse. We're over it, and thankfully, female celebrities are, too.
You've arrived at a celebration of the strong bonds that have formed among current members of Hollywood's elite. These women give the media and fans no choice but to recognize the power of friendship and females encouraging other females. We, in turn, support their support of one another like a metaphorical brassiere.
Consider this your handy guide to the current female tribes of Hollywood. You've seen them forming on Instagram, and may have been wondering how they all know each other and interact. While there are definitely cliques, they're not the exclusive, insular girl groups we see in movies like Mean Girls. There are no dividing lines between these groups, as evidenced by the fact that ringleader Cara Delevingne also floats into Taylor Swift's and Kim Kardashian's circles.
In other words, get ready for some major #friendshipgoals, because girl power forever.

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