12 Easy (& Effective!) Fitness Hacks From L.A.’s Top Celeb Trainers

We all know that fitness and healthy eating should be a way of life. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to amp up your routine before a summer wedding, beach getaway, or any other event that calls for feeling extra fit and healthy. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to jump start your fitness come summer.
So, we turned to a few of L.A.’s top celebrity trainers for their tips. To be clear, we’re not talking seven-day juice cleanses or spending four hours each morning in the gym — just simple tweaks that yield big benefits. And according to A-list fitness pro Harley Pasternak, there’s an added bonus to giving your workouts and nutrition a little boost: You’ll get a self-confidence bump as well.
"Confidence comes from taking control of the process,” he says. “Success is: Did you eat well today? Did you get enough sleep? If you’re doing the right things, looking and feeling better will come.”
We'll toast (then crunch) to that. Ahead, a dozen tips to take your routine to the next level.

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