12 Celebs Share Their First Crushes

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There's a good chance your first crush was on a celebrity. Maybe you had posters of that special famous person hanging up in your bedroom. Maybe that person was JTT. But, we must remember that while A-listers are a big deal now, they were once little and crushing on famous people — just like you. 

Over the past few months, we've caught up with some of our favorite stars. We asked them who their first celebrity crush was, and what made that person so attractive to them. Ahead, 12 celebs on the people (or cartoons!) who first made their heart go pitter-patter.
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Adrian Grenier
"I think it was like a cartoon. It was like Cheetara or something. She was an animal — a wild animal."
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Dascha Polanco
"I think it was probably Justin Timberlake. His little curly hair with the dance moves. And, I always had a crush on older men, like Johnny Depp."
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Julia Restoin Roitfeld
"Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. I don't know. I was like living in a Minnie Mouse dress. I was obsessed."
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Marlon Wayans
"Halle Berry. I think one day it's gonna come true. Just wait for her to have a couple more kids, get rid of a few more husbands. I'd be husband number 15, so it's all good."
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Sherri Shepherd
"I don't have many, but I know my current crush is Idris Elba. Idris Elba. Yes. I watched him in No Good Deed in the shower scene, and had he been in my house, they would've had to call the police so he could get out, 'cuz oh my goodness. Oh, you know what? [My first crush] was Donny Osmond. I had a poster of Donny Osmond on my wall, and I used to kiss it every day. Oh my gosh. And, Michael Jackson. Donny and Michael. He used to be young. He used to be, like, 20. He used to have it. And, Michael Jackson when he was black."
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Chloë Grace Moretz
“My first celebrity crush was probably Channing Tatum in She's The Man. I remember there was a scene with his shirt off, and I thought it was like amazing. I was like, 'oh my god, abs.'"
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Michael Che
"I would probably have to say Vanity. Remember Vanity from The Last Dragon? Vanity was my girlfriend. She made me want to take up karate. Up until the first lesson, then I was like, you know what? Maybe Vanity is just not for me."
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Kevin Durant
"Probably Christina Milian. She’s exotic. I've never seen someone so pretty before."
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Halle Berry
"Foster Sylvers. I was 10 years old, and that's the first time I started to care about boys. I mean, I was such an oblivious little girl to boys. I was all about girls and my dolls, and boys were like yucky. When I was 10, Foster Sylvers was a singer, and I had Foster Sylvers posters. Then shortly after that, my next boy crush was Al B. He's a singer. It was their voices. They were both just cute. But, it was their voices, what they did. And, I don't know, they had something about them that in my little juvenile mind, I was attracted to. It's hard to say what that was when you're 10."
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Dakota Fanning
"Probably Lance Bass in *NSYNC. He was the cutest to me. I was super into his blonde spikes."
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Natasha Bedingfield
"Brad Pitt during the Fight Club era. He's quite an intelligent actor as well as sexy. That's what appealed to me. But, also how he looked."
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Eddie Redmayne
"Well, I don’t know if it counts as a celebrity crush, but it was Maid Marian in the cartoon of Robin Hood. And, also Cheetara in the ThunderCats. She was quite hot, and she ran really quickly."
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