Celebrities’ Kids Who Are Stealing The Spotlight

When Michael Keaton won a Golden Globe for his role in Birdman, he shouted out his son Sean in his acceptance speech. And, as soon as the cameras panned to the Keaton Jr. in the crowd, viewers noticed he was something of a babe.
Such is the reality of many A-listers today. Though they remain the sought-after celebrity, their kids have grown up to be just as gorgeous and interesting as they are. These beautiful offspring end up garnering a hefty amount of their own attention from fans. (You'll be hard-pressed to find coverage of Sean that doesn't qualify him as "hot.")
But, he's not the only one stepping into the spotlight. Ahead, a bunch of celebrities' kids who are starting to steal the show — and some already bona fide stars who have already paved the way for famous progeny everywhere.

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