The Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Indulgences — & Their DIY Alternatives

Wow. Just, wow. That's all we had to say after catching this little gem on BuzzFeed today about the most absurd celebrity beauty treatments. We knew stars lived a charmed life, but some of these pampering rituals are just plain ludicrous. Red wine baths? Caviar facials? Obviously the recession hasn't hit Hollywood with quite the same impact as it has the rest of the world.
There are plenty of WTF revelations in the piece, but we think the one that made us the most upset was the $40K that Lindsay Lohan spent on self-tanning (or didn't spend, seeing as how she's being sued by the spray-tan company for not paying her bill). How is that even possible?
We've got to give BuzzFeed credit on this one — instead of just reporting on these ridiculous rituals, they went ahead and offered some alternatives that are far less crazy (kind of). Want to try Teri Hatcher's wine soak? Take that old bottle of cheap red wine and dump it in your bath. Score placenta face creams at the drugstore to replicate Victoria Beckham's sheep placenta treatment (ew). Skip Angelina Jolie's caviar facial and just rub cod liver oil on your face. Or, you know, don't. Just because a celebrity does it, that doesn't mean we all need to jump on board, especially when some of their treatments are just downright silly. (BuzzFeed)
Would you ever try an off-the-wall treatment just because a celebrity swears by it?
Photo: Via BuzzFeed

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