Where Kim Kardashian Really Started: 8 Celebs Who Worked For Other Celebs

Allow us to spin you a yarn. At the dawn of the new millennium, the world did not yet know of “Kimberly Kardashian.” It was a simpler time, when the # sign was just what you pressed to confirm things on a telephone keypad. (Narrator pauses for long, wistful sigh; fondly remembers a time before #blessed.)
We may have not known about Kim K. back then, but that’s only because her star power was still in its nascent stages. She was just starting to climb the ranks of celebrity, and she was doing it in a way not many people know about. No, not the sex tape; people know about that one (and, in light of this past week’s events, people may be thinking differently about it). No, we're talking about Kim's onetime employment: She actually started out as Paris Hilton’s assistant.
Yes, everyone has to start somewhere, and the tangled web of celebrities who cut their teeth working for other celebrities is almost as complex as that of Hollywood romances. Here are eight well-known stars who started from the bottom as assistants, interns, babysitters, and nannies; now, they’re Drake-style here.

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