Card Shark: Holiday Greetings the Old-Fashioned Way

holiday cards
Remember life before email? No? Well, let us remind you that often times, in the olden days, to communicate, people used to write. Letters. With pens. On paper. And put them in envelopes. With a destination address. And sometimes stickers. Or drawings. A decorative flourish of some sort. Anyway, the story goes: people would pop these hand-written messages into those big blue mailboxes, send them along to their friends, who, on the receiving end, would rip them open with gleeeee. So we're thinking, why not go a little vintage this Holiday season? Get a nice pen, buy some stamps, find your friends' zipcodes, and send them a real live letter on one of these fabulous holiday cards.
Above, clockwise from left: Etsy, Happy Hanukkah from Brooklyn, $15 for a set of 6 cards, available at Etsy; MoMA, Nesting Dolls , $17.95 for a set of 8 cards, available at MoMA; Little Tree Press, Have a Lovely Holiday, $4 a card, available at Little Tree Press; Egg Press, Holiday Traffic, $13.50 for a set of 8 cards, available at Egg Press; Ferdinand, Hen Party Holiday Card, $4 per card, available at Ferdinand Home Store.
holiday cards
Clockwise from left: Moon Tree Arts, NYC Fireworks, $15 for a set of 10, available at Etsy; Sub-Studio, Gifts Card, $15 for a set of 5, available at Sub-Studio; Pinecone + Chickadee, Egg Nog + Rum Card, $4 per card, available at Pinecone+Chickadee; Egg Press, Happy Jollydays, $16 for set of 6, available at Egg Press; Etsy, Happy Hanukkah Y'all, $12.50 for a set of 4 notecards, available at Etsy.
holiday greeting cards
Clockwise from left: Morris + Essex, Peace, $18 for a set of 5 cards, available at Morris + Essex; PopJudaica, Happy Hanukkah Menorah Card, $16 for 10 cards, available at PopJudaica; Kate Spade, Hope Peace Cookies, $34 for a set of 10 cards, available at Kate Spade; Etsy, Spin Spin Spinning, $10 for a pack of 8 notecards, available at Etsy; Kate Spade, Reindeer Games, $30 for set of 10 cards, available at Kate Spade.

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