Why You Should Copy Cara Delevingne's Holiday Game-Plan

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Between picking out the perfect presents, figuring out your beauty looks, and staying sane while traveling around to see various relatives and friends, the holidays aren't exactly the relaxing time we build them up to be. Cara Delevingne, though, seems to have it all figured out. I sat down with her at the Soho House (while she was in town to promote My Burberry at Sephora) and picked her brain about her holiday secrets. Turns out, she has plenty of tips for getting through this season — from the facial-massage trick she relies on while traveling to giving personalized, engraved presents (My Burberry has a new, complimentary monogramming service when you buy a 3-oz bottle). Read on for her tips and tricks.
What's your strategy for buying presents?
"I'm stockpiling Burberry to give to everybody, but I also love finding things for people that are special to them. I never stick to a present-buying routine."
What's the best present you've ever given someone?
"I gave my mum a gold, diamond-encrusted bracelet with her name on it."
Do you go all-out with wrapping paper and ribbons, or are you a newspaper-as-wrapping-paper kind of girl?
"When I was younger I used to give my family presents in a Tiffany's box. They would get it and think it was the most amazing present, and they'd open it, and it would be pens or something. It was a horrible trick, but then I was a bit of a terror as a child. People might slap me if I were to carry on doing that."
What's your favorite lipstick for the holidays?
"I love Burberry's Military Red. It's a deep red and it's so beautiful. I just want to dive into it."
What's your usual skin-care routine like?
"Mostly I just try to wash my face. I also love rosewater spray. And, it's good to have with you to use on other people, too — I love spreading the spray."
How do you take care of your skin while you're traveling?
"I go for facials whenever I can. But, I squeeze a lot — I go to town on my nose. I love a blackhead. I also go for facial massages. I hold so much tension in my face, and I get giant lymph nodes in the back of my neck because of traveling so much. It's good to rub your face. And, also, if you get inside your mouth and you push down on your jaw, it releases tension. You just [she puts her hands in her mouth] push down and back. A facialist did it for me once and it was so painful, but afterwards it helped so much."
Are there any products you need to have with you while you're traveling?
"I think it's good to travel with pure sesame-seed oil...rub it everywhere, through your hair and especially on your stomach. [It] really helps with jet lag."

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