5 Butt-Busting Exercises To Whip You Into Shape

Our waistlines are already lamenting the nonstop treat-eating sessions and boozy soirées that litter our calendar for the next few weeks. We’ve barely scratched the tip of the holiday-party iceberg and we can literally feel our pants sizes doubling. Luckily, to help us curb the impending poundage is Nini Gueco of the cult-followed S.F. workout, Avant Barre.
We’ve enlisted her to show us five must-try workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere — before that food coma gets the best of you. Seriously, give them a whirl in the comfort of your home. From an addictive butt-sculpting exercise to a leg-shaping move that will leave you in awe, these are the only exercises you need this season. Take that cheese platter!