Call of the Wild: Rogues Gallery's Dark Fall Collection

After designing for L.L. Bean, sometimes you have to let loose a little. Such is the case with Alex Carton, who started his line of rugged, hand-printed tees called Rogues Gallery to reflect the darker side of the history-rich New England landscape around him. His latest endeavor, a full fall collection, leaves nothing to be desired in the veins of dark and macabre. Though inspired by the more sinister aspects of the Northeast, where witch trials and harsh weather are common associations with the landscape, the new line is a dapper and wearable group of looks.
Cable knits are thrown in with devilish graphic tees (sporting phrases like, "Possessed Unspeakable Evil"), while buffalo plaid scarves and hunting jackets keep the outdoorsy theme alive. More tailored pieces like wool peacoats, dress shirts, and blazers add a touch of polish to an otherwise rough-around the edges look. But if you're worried about the pentagrams and taxidermied animals in the lookbook, don't worry—these duds work just as well for the city folk as the they do for the country folk. Besides, who could disagree about screenprinted long underwear?
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