Brutal Youth: The Bad-Boy Chic of Belle de Jour

In Luis Bunuel's 1967 film, Belle de Jour, a snarling Pierre Clementi plays Marcel, the violent thug obsessed with bored-housewife-cum-prostitute Severine, played by Catherine Deneuve. Indulging in sadistic humiliation with disastrous results, Marcel also happens to show a flair for men's accessories.

Wielding a dagger-concealing cane with his erotic-gangster finery, a sharply cut three-piece black suit, printed tie, slouchy belt-whip, purple socks and shiny black leather buckled ankle boots, Marcel's depravity is matched only by his rakish sophistication and intense sexiness. He's a curious, seductive mix of the good parts of Pete Dougherty and the bad parts of Iggy Pop.
Showing off his mouthful of gold teeth and large scar, Marcel's repulsion at Severine's birthmark only arouses her perverse curiosity. With adorably tousled hair and leather belt he violently whips the wall then rubs his moth-eaten socks amorously over Severine's YSL-clad legs. As cute as he may be, this misguided ardor is abusive and Marcel is merely another well-dressed, skinny sadist.
Eventually with his sexy, shirtless mania and brutal manners Marcel satisfies Severine's masochistic desires but facilitates his own violent ending.

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