These Broken New Year’s Resolutions Are Hilarious & SO Relatable

As we all know, resolutions were made to be broken. Sometimes we choose too ambitious a goal. Sometimes our resolutions are doable, but the very act of committing to them makes us want to rebel. Either way, the cycle continues: We make 'em, then we break 'em.
This year, we at Refinery29 are happily rejecting the old school notion of binding resolutions. Still, we have to admit that finding out about other people's New Year's resolutions can be fun and interesting — especially when they're broken. So, we reached out to over a thousand readers for their all-time greatest broken resolution stories, and man oh man, did they deliver.
There were tales of vengeance gone awry, #relationshipgoals that went haywire, and, of course, a whole lot of gym routines thwarted by Netflix. Many of the stories took us by surprise with their poignancy and resonance, and some just made us laugh for a solid five minutes. And we could all use some poignant, resonant, laugh-out-loud stories right about now.
Enjoy — and if you do make and break a resolution this year, be sure to break it good.
Resolutions were made to be broken. This year, want to help you do you — the best you can. Check out more right here.

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