Band Of Brothers: The Bro Code Band Takes Over Our Streets!

The most surprising thing you’ll ever see on Sunset Plaza (other than spotting a European man not dining with a woman half his age): the Bro Code band, a trio of brothers late-night serenading the streets of L.A.
Think of the brotherly bunch as a mariachi band crooning for an unexpected audience, only without the sombreros, matador ensembles, and prelude to indigestion. The now-notorious siblings and their mom (major sigh) drove down from Medford, Oregon with one inspiring dream: to play music for anyone who crossed their path.
The Bro Code typically caters to night owls, staging impromptu sets near popular restaurants and bars and playing into the wee hours (being spotted in WeHo as late at 3:30 a.m.!). From Santa Monica Boulevard to the Santa Monica Pier, and even down to the Westfield Shopping Center, the brothers have been making the rounds.
However, these guys don't have a home (but they do have a web site), and are still living in their van! Can you help a brother (or three) out, Jewel?
What we love most about the brothers though (other than the obvious cute factor) is the simplicity of their act. Just three brothers, two of whom are twins (the non-twin is particularly crush-worthy), and two guitars. There is so much love, emotion, and heartfelt feeling behind the music, we're totally sold. Fast-forward to the day you catch their Behind the Music and just remember who clued you in first. And in the meantime, go check them out before they’re taken from our local streets to the stage — and styled in matching leather vests.

Video: Via YouTube/Bro Code Band

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