In today's fashion game, not only does every brand want to be seen adorning the likes of bloggers and Insta-stars, they are equally as adamant about becoming more socially conscious. For some, it's a PR thing. For others, it's a mission statement — a core value of the brand and a measure of success — and such is the motive behind Brianna Lance, head designer of New York-based cult favorite Reformation.
Now, Lance is already well-known for stirring things up with her designs. Not only has she managed to make sustainable clothes that are also undeniably sexy, but her company is absolute in its principles. It won't even do Fashion Week because of the "wasted resources." But, as we learned, Lance herself is a bit of a firebrand in everything she does. As the designer and bassist for the Brooklyn-based girl band Bad Girlfriend tells it, she's one of those people who makes a policy of saying yes to almost every idea that tickles her fancy because, hey, no one ever changed the world by saying no.

How I’m changing the game
“At Reformation, we try not to play by the rules other fashion companies have to play by. We did a wholesale line, didn’t like it. So, we decided we were only going to sell our stuff at our shops. We didn’t like having stuff manufactured in China. So, we decided to have our own factory and do it in the U.S. We didn’t want to make the clothes too expensive. So, we found a way to bring it to a price point more people could afford. Even with designing, we don’t necessarily create collections with themes or general inspiration. We do what we want, what we are interested in, and what we think makes women happy. That’s it.”

The biggest challenge I've faced
"I think letting things go is the most important thing I've learned to do at this job — to not hold onto an idea or feeling like it’s precious. The more you can move and get past things, the easier life becomes. It’s really hard because I’m very sensitive, but, sometimes, you just have to be strong and chill."


What beauty means to me
"Beauty is something that changes you, that moves around your molecules and grabs you."


Reformation Long-Sleeve Dress, $248, shop similar styles at Reformation;
Sandro Chain Detail Oxfords; Jonathan Horowitz Necklace.

Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair by Bethany Brill; Styled by Laura Pritchard

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