I Made My Boyfriend Try My Skin-Care Routine For 30 Days

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Healthy relationships are all about compromise. But sometimes, when you've been together long enough, it's also about forcing your S.O. into something they don't want to do, just because you say so. I'm just kidding...sort of, because that's basically how things went down when I made my boyfriend of three years, Collin, try my skin-care routine for a month.
First, the backstory: We have a running joke that by the time we're both 60, he'll look his age and I'll look, well, a whole lot younger. And while there's nothing wrong with aging and there's certainly no halting it, I'm diligent about keeping my skin healthy and protected — while he doesn't pay his any mind. I've been trying — nay, pleading — to get him to adopt a spartan routine for years. Nothing has worked, short of literally squeezing a dollop of moisturizer directly into his palms. Needless to say, this method wasn't working.
My expectations for this experiment were low. I didn't expect him to suddenly want to diligently apply three steps of skin care morning and night. Instead, I thought, What the hell? This might get him to like something! I can't say there weren't trying times — let's just say I get a free card to whine a lot next year — but at the end of the day, it was deeply satisfying — and his skin looked damn good!
Excerpts from his first time trying each of the products, the two formulas he's still using to this day (success!), and a video of the action, ahead.
No boyfriends were hurt in the creation of this story.

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