The Summer Drink You’ll Dream About

When it really comes down to it, the Starbucks Frappuccino might just be a great caffeinated excuse to drink milkshakes, but there’s no denying that they’re a tasty treat on a hot day. With the release of the S’mores Frappuccino earlier this summer, Starbucks combined two warm weather favorites in one iconic cup. I was skeptical at first; could they really capture the ooey, gooey campfire treat in a frozen beverage? In a word: yes. The marshmallow-­infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, and graham
cracker crumble really capture the essence of the s’more; the flavors are there — and they are delicious. There's just one thing missing: booze. Because the only thing better than a caffeinated s'mores milkshake on a hot summer day is a spiked one, of course! Being the financially savvy DIY­-type that I am, I came up with my own S’mores Frappuccino recipe. And then, I added Kahlúa...
Boozy S’mores Frappuccino
Serves 1
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1⁄2 cup marshmallow creme (such as Jet-­Puffed)
3⁄4 cup cold coffee
1⁄2 cup whole milk
1 1⁄2 cups ice
2 oz Kahlúa (or any other dessert spirit!)
2 tbs chocolate syrup Instructions
1. Add marshmallow creme to whipping cream and gently stir until mostly combined. Whip until soft peaks form. Set aside. 2. Combine coffee, milk, ice, and Kahlúa in blender until smooth and icy. 3. Transfer half of marshmallow-­infused whipped cream to a tall glass and set aside. Whip the remaining cream until stiff peaks just form. 4. In the glass with the gently­ whipped cream, layer chocolate sauce and the frosty coffee mixture. Top with the remaining whipped cream, graham cracker pieces, and more chocolate sauce. 5. Be delirious with happiness.

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