8 Women Get Real About Their Body Insecurities — & How They’re Overcoming Them

Body insecurities may be highly personal, but their universality is undeniable: When we polled our readers this year, nearly 80% of them said they walk around feeling somewhat dissatisfied with their bodies at least half of the time. So how do we make these perceived flaws hold less power over us? We put them out there and talk about them.
Eight women recently shared their insecurities with us and allowed us to photograph them on analog film, without any retouching or modification whatsoever. All the portraits were shot by Daisy Walker, a fashion photographer who focuses on the representation of women and gender. The resulting images are raw, honest, and absolutely stunning.
After talking to these women about their hang-ups and how they conquer them every day, it soon became clear that, while no woman felt 100% about her body, they were all working on accepting — and loving — their bodies as they are. Stretch marks, freckles, or hair might spark insecurities, but these qualities aren't "flaws" — they're what makes each woman unique and beautiful.
Click through to see eight women embracing their so-called imperfections and celebrating their uniqueness. And let's keep this conversation going.

It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach, here.

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