The Latest Trend In Body Hair Smells Wonderful

Sorry, boyfriends of the world. We’ve stolen your relaxed-fit jeans, worn your oversized flannels as tunics, and now we’re coming for your beard oils. We’ve seen them transform your mountain-man face-Brillo into soft, manageable scruff, and we admit we may have swiped a few drops from your side of the medicine cabinet to seal our split ends this morning. The point is, we want in.
This is what happens when you surpass peak beard. Now that every hipster city from Brooklyn to Portland has its own beard-oil offerings — think Brooklyn Grooming Fort Greene Beard Oil and Portland General Store Ginger Beard Oil — lumbersexual grooming has gone mainstream.
After all, Sasha Grey helped bring bush back in 2010, and nearly five years later, armpit hair has become the new bush. Except, you know, blue — thanks to Roxie Jane Hunt of the Seattle hair salon Vain, who started the rainbow-armpit-hair revolution with a how-to blog post that went viral. The new world order is, simply, hairier.
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