The Face-Mask Craze Has Gone Next-Level

If there's one thing our deep dive into Korean beauty rituals has taught us over the years, it's this: Whatever your skin needs, there’s a sheet mask for it. Addressing beauty concerns from head to toe, this mask craze provides products for toning, hydrating, brightening, anti-aging, drawing out impurities, and a whole host of other issues.
For those not yet savvy to the sheet-mask trend, these potent mini facials are delivered via a sheet soaked in nourishing essences and nutrients. After just 15 to 20 minutes of wearing one (and looking kind of scary in the process), you’ll be the embodiment of #wokeuplikethis.
The average sheet mask is made of microfiber or cotton, but some are made of hydrogel, which looks and feels like gelatin. The latest evolution of the sheet mask is made of biocellulose, which is reportedly 10 times superior to cotton in adhesion and delivery of nutrients.
Because of their potency, face masks aren't for everyday use (too much of a good thing, yada yada yada), but using them once or twice a week can mean hitting the proverbial reset button for tired, neglected, stressed-out skin. On top of all that, sheet masks, for the most part, also happen to be surprisingly affordable, and they can help stretch the time between visits to your aesthetician. Lazy girls, are you listening?
While just starting to become mainstream in the States, South Korea is a sheet-mask wonderland. In any given Korean drugstore or beauty shop, an entire aisle is devoted to these masks for every part of the body. Seriously — among the different mask materials, essences they're soaked in, and areas where they can be applied, it's totally possible to cover yourself from top to bottom in them. Treating everything from your cuticles to your eye creases, our favorite Korean sheet masks are straight ahead.

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