5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 19 2012

Coders, techies, and wannabe-Salander-hackers gathered outside of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer’s offices in Midtown today to protest the PIPA and SOPA bills. Think today’s blackout is scary? Apparently the bill’s sponsors think so, too- so keep it up, freedom-lovers! (Gothamist)
No more “Bo-Tax” (get it?) in New Jersey! We’ll never frown again, not that we would want to! (Forbes)
Apparently there is a higher fixed-gear-to-person ratio in Manhattan than in Brooklyn, as confirmed by some “scientists” who tallied up the number of fixies for sale in each of the five boroughs. Only question: did they check Etsy as well as Craigslist? (Priceonomics)
Goodwill has lucked into some Target collab re-runs! An Astoria branch was discovered to have a bounty of Calypso X Target as well as Missoni X Target. How it got there shall remain a mystery. (NY Racked)
Plywood-constructed getaway with fabulous vagabond-inspired interior nestled in the corner of some person’s backyard! Who needs running water when there’s a 24-hour gym nearby with lax security? (EV Grieve)

Photo: Via Racked