Has Mayor Bloomberg's Plan For NYC To Get Healthy Gone Too Far?

Could it really be that one day (far, far, far away) we’ll be telling our grandchildren, “You know, in my day, you could just go to a restaurant and order a soda?” Well, if Mayor Bloomberg has his way, yes. The Bloomberg administration took a break from wondering if Chuck and Blair will ever get together to propose a ban limiting the size of sugary drinks sold at restaurants, move theaters, sports venues, and street carts to 16-ounces (about the equivalent of a medium cup of coffee). Bloomberg has decided that fruit juices, milkshakes dairy-based drinks, alcoholic beverages, and diet soda are in the clear — this is only an attack on liquids crazy high in calories with no apparent health benefits.
We’re all for healthy choices, which is why we always opt for DC over regular coke (it's healthy, right?), but we’re going to have to agree with Stefan Friedman, a spokesperson for the New York City Beverage Association, who called the proposal “zealous.” After all, if someone really wants a Fanta (cue that horrible jingle being stuck in our head for the rest of the day), we doubt a ban will stop ‘em from getting their sugar fix. (The New York Times)
Photo: Via The New York Times

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