A Black Girl’s Guide To Getting A Vajacial

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Shaving and I have a love-hate relationship. When I was first introduced to the razor, it was through the guidance of my mother, who encouraged me to dry-shave. (A pain no child should endure, I must say.) This led to a decade-long battle with ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation, which melanated folx are especially prone to experiencing upon hair removal. 
My thick, 4B hair doesn't just stop at my scalp. It's everywhere. Vaginal ingrown hairs are not only annoying, but they're pretty uncomfortable as they grow out. Tired of the pain and discoloration, I searched for the perfect solution. 
One day, I was sitting with my friend who casually mentioned getting a vajacial. At first, I couldn't believe what I heard, but became highly intrigued. A facial for your vagina? It makes total sense. If our vaginas are covered by a layer of skin, why not give them the same treatment we would provide our faces? I was sold. 
Living in New York and finding the perfect place to get my vajacial was no easy feat. I knew I wanted to find a Black-owned woman-led salon. This search led me to Classic Beauty Studios in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. After speaking with their co-owner, Kadeisha Placide, she assured me: "Classic Beauty Studios is meant for those girls and guys who love luxury. Our main mission is to make sure the health of your hair and skin is intact while giving you a very clean and organic service." The company graciously let me experience this treatment for free, but it would generally be $150, not including tip.
So, I held my breath and booked my appointment. I was ready to find out if the vajacial was a gimmicky cash grab or if it would solve my decade-old problem of coarse, ingrown hairs.
Because this appointment was accompanied by a Brazilian wax, I couldn't shave for at least a week prior. For the wax to grab the hair, I would need it to be as long as a grain of rice. After the treatment, I was advised not to have sex for 24-48 hours. 
When the day of my appointment finally came, I was thrilled! I love a good spa day, and this salon did not disappoint. I grabbed a mimosa and headed to my room, ready to unveil my coochie's best self. 
My esthetician, Chrissy, walked in and immediately greeted me with a smile. She was super warm and kind. She began by cleansing and lightly exfoliating my vagina. At this point, I could have fallen asleep. It really felt like a spa. Then, all of a sudden, I smell it — the terrifying aroma of hard wax warming up. My heart began to race. It had been over two years since my last Brazilian, and I wasn't ready! 
With tears in my eyes, I tried to self-soothe. "Breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breath out." Then Chrissy let her rip (literally). I was clutching my pearls. It hurt THAT bad. It wasn't the salon's fault. Apparently, my vagina is tender-headed. 
After the wax, I was ready to return to my peaceful vajacial. To soothe my cooch, Chrissy cut open a fresh aloe vera plant and rubbed it along its exterior. The cooling of the plant felt like eating ice cream after dinner. My vagina was red, which was to be expected, but bald-headed. Chrissy checked for any missed ingrown hairs and advised me to exfoliate if I were to feel any new ones arising. 
But we were far from finished. Up next came the facial, which smelled like fresh grapefruit. It made my skin feel soft and was much needed after that wax. To seal everything in, she then applied oil, which gave it a nice shine. 
Leaving the salon, I felt like I had a fun little secret in my pants. Obviously, I couldn't tell everyone in Bed-Stuy my cooch was perfectly shaved, but if I could, I would. It really felt nice to do something for me, even if it was just for myself. 
So far, it's almost been one week, and I have yet to see a new hair form. My vagina still feels smooth, and the redness completely faded after a day. Will this one treatment solve my ingrown hair? Chrissy stated, "It can help to exfoliate and detoxify the pores to get the skin back regulated." However, stopping ingrown hairs requires maintenance, which cannot be done in one session alone. 

I give this experience a 10/10. If you choose to take a different route and continue shaving, always remember not to use a dull razor and shave in the direction the hair is growing. You might even wanna check out this article for more shaving tips for Black people. But as I continue my journey, I'll continue to wax and exfoliate.

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