I Tried The Dyson Airwrap On My 4B Hair & Got The Blowout Of My Dreams

If you’ve been following TikTok trends, you've seen the Dyson Airwrap everywhere. This hairstyling tool claims to dry and style your hair without extreme heat. Think of the Conair Wet-to-Dry flat iron that took over the early 00s. (Who else remembers??) But the innovation isn't what gravitates people to this product; it's the results! Countless women on TikTok have shared their perfect Farrah Fawcett blowouts, which they were able to achieve with the Dyson Airwrap. However, I give a side eye to any new product claiming to be "revolutionary," because let's be honest, unless the brand caters specifically to Black folx, natural hair is usually an afterthought.  
Still, I love voluptuous, 70s-style hair and I can't deny it. With each tutorial of a girl ending up with that perfect Dyson blowout, I fantasized about receiving the same results. The blow dryer retails for $600, so I was in no position to f*** around and find out, but I had to try it for myself when the opportunity came to try it for free. Would I get that perfect '70s hair, or the bumped ends I begged my mom not to give me before school?
I was overwhelmed and excited when the styling tool arrived at my doorstep. It's incredibly chic, sturdy, and clearly built to last. However, with the product coming with six attachments, I needed guidance! 
I scrolled through TikTok for tutorials to guarantee I got this right. With freshly washed hair and an ounce of hope, I began to blow out my hair using the wide-tooth comb attachment. I first noticed how soft my hair felt, like I had gotten a blowout from the salon. I found it helpful to detangle my hair and then apply my heat protectant. This product can do a lot, but it will not detangle your hair for you. As a result, I didn't find myself battling the blow dryer in order for it to work. It glided and did its thing! 
After about 30 minutes, I had freshly blown-out hair. I was impressed but still had five other attachments to try. I then went in with the barrel attachment for that desired Donna Summers look. I watched as my hair wrapped around the barrel and fell to reveal a very lackluster, dreaded, bumped end. I was disappointed. Even if the James Brown press and curl is what you're trying to achieve, the curl didn't even last me more than 10 minutes. I had to go in with a good amount of hair spray, making my hair feel stiff. In Dyson's defense, however, this was my first time. I knew there had to be something in my technique that was off. 
At the time, I loved the product as a blow dryer, but as a curling wand on my natural 4B hair? I wasn't entirely convinced....yet. A week later, I got a silk press, and everything changed. 
If you've ever had a silk press, you know it can go limp within a few days to a week. Terrified of putting more intensive heat on my hair, I returned to my Dyson curling barrel. I didn't really go into it with any real intention, but more so with curiosity. I was able to achieve a lovely loose curl, but nothing incredibly stunning. Satisfied with my results, I took my happy ass to Instagram to debut my new look and post a tutorial, and boy, did my followers have some words! I was, in fact, curling my hair wrong! This tool is all about technique; I didn't have it. Defeated and confused, I called on celebrity hairstylist and Global Dyson Ambassador Jawara Wauchope for guidance. 
"I would do the cold shot to set the hair,” he said. “I usually count to 10, do the cool shot, and pull it down. But it all depends on your hair. You may need a little more, a little less. But I dry it and then curl."
"Wrap, cool shot, repeat. Wrap, cool shot, repeat." Repeating this mantra, I watched as my hair wrapped around the product, falling to reveal THE best, most effortless curl I've ever had. It may have taken a silk press, public humiliation, and a few tears shed, but I finally had my desired look. 
For the next few days, I relied on my Dyson airwrap to revive my silk press as needed, and truthfully, I may have gotten a little carried away. My hair wasn't burned, but remember, this is still a heated device, so use it cautiously! When that day finally came to get under the water and check on the health of curls, I was NERVOUS! But I can happily say that my curls have returned!  
So do you neeeed to spend $600 on a blow dryer…in this economy? If you have a little play money, give it a go! A quality blow dryer is a luxury, but it can save you time if you find yourself doing blowouts often. But suppose you don't use a ton of heat and need a good blow dryer to straighten your hair for the occasional box braid appointment. In that case, I'd recommend the Revlon Blow Dry Brush. It's under $40 and straightens my hair in under 30 minutes. All that being said, I commend Dyson for being inclusive! It's not every day that I find a product that works for my tight coils. It's definitely a step in the right direction. 
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