This Chic Weighted Razor Will Give You The Smoothest Shave Ever

Does anyone actually enjoy shaving? My guess is no. It's certainly not the part of my beauty routine I look forward to the most, but the "chore" has become almost second nature to me since I was a preteen with a value pack of pink BIC "Lady" razors. While the hair removal landscape has improved since then (better shaving creams, fancy electric gadgets, etc.), the experience remained essentially the same: fine at best. This all changed when I was recently introduced to hanni, a 100% recyclable weighted razor that is as chic as it is innovative and — in a shocking twist — had me excited about shaving my body.
Hanni is the invention of Leslie Tessler, a beauty-industry veteran who fell in love with a straight razor after getting her face shaved at a men's barbershop in Tokyo. Like Tessler, you've likely heard about (if not experienced yourself) the wondrous, skin-smoothing effects of dermaplaning — an exfoliating technique offered by skin-care professionals that gets rid of dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair using a sharp scalpel. While there is a difference between in-office procedures and at-home treatments, Tessler wanted to offer women the same opportunity to achieve baby-soft skin from our armpits to our ankles with a sharp, single-blade razor that was made with our bodies in mind.
Hanni is not the first attractive single-blade razor to hit the market, but the practical design of the tool is what makes it truly unique and so damn good. The extra-long handle with finger indent and grips make it easy to hold and maneuver, and the weight of the pink metal razor allows you to shave your underarms and legs without applying any pressure whatsoever. All you have to do is gently glide hanni against the skin to reveal what I have found to be the smoothest shave ever — no razor bumps, no irritation, and most importantly, no hair in sight.
If, like me, you're intimidated by the idea of a single blade, let me assure you that it's actually less scary than using a multi-blade disposable razor. The sharpness of the single blade gets you a closer shave without dragging against your skin. (Even better, you can go longer between shaves.) Hanni has also made it basically fool-proof to replace them: Just twist the bottom to open up the clasp at the head, pop in a clean Swedish stainless steel blade, and twist again to close the clasp.
Speaking of those pesky disposable razors — hanni is hoping to help ensure less of them end up in our landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, two billion razors and refill blades get thrown away in the U.S. each year. (And for what, razor burns and a bad shave?) For $38, why not invest in a razor that will last years? Just remember to switch out your blades every few shaves, of course — a 5-pack will set you back $6.
Lastly, if you hate shaving in the shower or just want the option of dry-shaving in whatever location your heart desires, hanni can help make that happen. The brand's Shave Pillow, a moisturizing, skin-soothing gel stick made with hydrating ingredients like cactus water and adaptogenic mushrooms, can be used without water, unlike typical shaving foams and creams.
I'm not sure what your at-home shaving situation looks like, but if you agree that there's definite room for improvement, consider hanni. I never knew shaving my underarms and bikini line could be so easy, satisfying, and sustainable. Perhaps you'll feel the same.
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