Bite's New Lipsticks And Glosses Go to Our Heads

Sip on this: Bite's just-launched range of lip products packs the punch of 5 glasses of red wine. Not in terms of a buzz (wishful thinking, right?), but through Resveratrol, a powerful anti-aging antioxidant found in red wine. Founder Susanne Langmuir stepped up her healthy game even more by using only food-grade colors and organic fruit and shea butters (minus any Petroleum byproducts) in her line of 21 lipsticks, 6 matte pencils, 10 glossy Lip Shines, 8 sheer balms, and 6 Lip Rouges. But at its core, Langmuir's lip-focused line is based on achieving really rich color. "I wanted to it be all about the color, so we formulated every intensely pigmented shade in-house and worked with a really passionate team to incorporate natural ingredients into beautiful, pure color," she says. Varying from vividly matte to sheer with SPF 15, even the pickiest shopper can find something to love—even those looking for transparent options. The Vitamin Gel offers a smooth, clear shine with a hit of Vitamin C and essential oils and the Superfruit Butter contains only natural shea butters and real fruits like Acai, Blueberry, and Pomegranate. We end up consuming most of our lip products anyway, so here's to some healthy lip-based indulgence.
All available at Sephora

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