This Is The Biggest Scandinavian Trend Since Hygge

Not just the source of one of the more questionable new wellness drinks, birch trees are also trending in the world of skin care. Often referred to as the tree of life, birch is found across northern Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, and has been used throughout history as a medicinal plant.
“The birch tree is packed with nutrients and has highly developed purification processes, and is super-efficient at circulating sap,” Evelyn Liddell, Weleda’s pharmacist, explains. This purification process is its superpower. In fact, a study by the University of Lancaster found that when planted on urban streets, birch trees reduced pollution levels in the surrounding area by more than 50%.
When it comes to skin care, both the tree sap (aka birch water) and the leaves are valuable, in particular for their ability to reduce inflammation, purify, and hydrate skin. From adding a birch-enriched face mask to your Sunday skincare ritual to slathering yourself in birch-based body oil after a long run, these are the birch products we’re loving right now.

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