This Charcoal Cleanser Is My #1 Hangover Fix

I discovered this deep-cleaning charcoal cleanser at a time when both hangovers and a lax beauty routine were two major components in my life: college. I came home late, didn't wash my face, and woke up on Sundays with a headache and smudged eyeliner. The only thing that got me back on track was a long, hot shower. The Bioré bottle was always in my shower caddy for use after a few minutes of letting my pores open in the steam. I rubbed the black-to-white cleanser in my palms before massaging it over my face to activate the tingling sensation, which always made me feel like I was doing something good for my skin (to make up for all the bad habits). I stepped out of the shower with skin that looked bright, alive, and blackhead-free. My head may have been pounding, but my complexion was on point. I went through three bottles over the course of a year — that's how much I loved it. And still do. The hangovers are less frequent now and I've gotten much better about always taking off my makeup, but it's still my go-to when I need a pick-me-up in the form of squeaky-clean skin. I went to the face-wash "dark side" and I'm never going back.

Deep Pore Clean Charcoal Cleanser, $7.49, available at Ulta Beauty.

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