Indecisive? These Stores Have The Best Return Policies

We've all experienced buyer's remorse at one point or another, but in the case of furniture or home goods, the pang of sorrow may be especially sharp. There's no way to really try on a rug or a coffee table without bringing it home, so most of the time, you just have to go with your gut. If a chair that seemed so perfect in the showroom doesn't work once you get it into your space, obtaining a full refund may be difficult — not to mention the drag of schlepping it back.
Buying online can make it a bit easier (especially if you get free return shipping), but not every store's return policies are conducive to taking risks. Ahead, we've rounded up five retailers with the most generous return guidelines and timelines, to make experimenting with your decor a little easier. Still not sure where to start? We've also suggested an item we love from each one.