Wearable Tech Just Got Way More Stylish

The wearables market is pretty saturated with trackers of all shapes and sizes. And, while the technology is making rapid strides, many of the available designs are still clunky and awkward to actually, you know, wear.
But, with the forthcoming Apple Watch, Tory Burch for FitBitOpening Ceremony’s MICA, and more, there's been lots of chatter lately about the nexus of fashion and tech. Now, we have another brand to add to the expanding list of fashion-driven products. 
Bezels & Bites is a San Francisco-based wearables company helmed by Melissa Koerner, a former marketer at Gap, and Sarah Shapiro, a onetime accessories buyer for Bloomingdale’s — so there's no doubt that the brand has a strong style background. The current prototypes are made for FitBit Flex (but the founders hope to expand the pool soon), and come in a variety of styles like a sleek necklace or punkish bracelet. 
The campaign officially launched on Indiegogo on January 21, and products will begin shipping in early April if the goal is met. "We are thrilled to build a fashion-accessories line for our modern lives," the founders told Refinery29. "We hope Bezels & Bytes will...become an accessories destination for the modern woman-on-the-go."
Finally, our wearables are getting the face-lift we've been craving. Click ahead to peruse the goods, and if you like what you see, don't forget to support the Indiegogo page.