Bey’s Baby: Does Anyone Have ACTUAL News?

It seems like just yesterday that we heard the news: Yes, Beyonce is pregnant. Yes, it's a girl (thanks, for the heads up, Kelly Rowland). And yes, someone checked into the exclusively luxurious birthing suite at St. Luke's. But until we have confirmation — concrete confirmation — that B and J are in the building, we're gonna try to maintain our cool. And by maintain our cool, we of course mean dream up baby names (Jayonce?) and think about what kinds of playground gossip she'll exchange with Suri Cruise. Of course, we don't envision Jayonce wearing wear glittery heels at age three... she'll probably wait until at least the age of five. But seriously, share your best guesses for the baby name in the comments. We're all ears (ditto, when it comes to actual news). (Hollywood)

Photo: Via Hollywood


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