This 2023 Journal-Planner Hybrid Is My Best-Self Secret

If you crave routine and structure in order to function properly, I have found the best planner for you. Now, before you hit check out on the hundredth planner to add to your collection that will — let's face it —inevitably stay blank as soon as the novelty of the new year wears off, let me explain why BestSelf's Self Journal is different. She's not like other girls! She's put together, un-dated, and packed to the max with useful pages that will optimize your productivity. We're talking a new year's bucket list; a habit and 13-week goal tracker; monthly, weekly, and daily views with schedules, and after-weekly reflections. No, you're not dreaming: This book is everything you've been longing for in a planner and journal combined. What else could one ask for to take on a stellar 2023?

With nearly 6,000 happy reviews rating it 4.9-out-of-5 stars, this goal planner isn't just loved and praised by its users, it also works. Developed with scientific study and success psychology, it's designed to optimize our day and tackle specific goals in order to live a more fulfilling life. But the question is... how did it change my own day when I tried it? Was I feeling more productive and focused? Well, the answer is a lot more complicated than a simple yes or no.
The truth is that a lot of what the journal asks for are actually things I've been tackling in therapy for the past three years: task prioritization, figuring out how much time a task takes, comparing it to the actual time it took, scheduling my day to the hour, tracking habits, and more.

Of course, when someone struggles with ADHD-like symptoms like executive dysfunction, filling up these pages can feel extremely overwhelming — which in and of itself is a task initiation problem. If any of these struggles sound like you, then I've got tough news: There isn't a journal or planner that will cure everything you're struggling with. But this journal is the closest thing I've found that provides all of the tools I need to help me solve my daily productivity issues. If you want to start fresh in the new year, with brand new goals and healthy habits, and then actually continue them, this is the planner you need. Plus, its un-dated nature means you don't have to feel guilty if you miss a day or two!

I have gone through this journal twice now! It's the perfect life companion for keeping me on track with achievable goals, setting consistent habits, and reminding me to be grateful every day.

BestSelf Reviewer
I'll break down my favorite sections for you. The weekly planning is divided into the top three weekly objectives, their estimated completion times, and a blank, everyday view. To me, it's the perfect balance between freedom and structure — you can truly make it your own. You also have a weekly review where you can add up your "win the day" and "plan to reality" score from your daily pages, then reflect on your three biggest wins, the best thing to happen, and how to improve next week.

The daily pages are structured with that similarly balanced approach with a schedule (with space to rate how much of your planned schedule was accomplished), important tasks, a gratitude question, a goal, and what would make today great. The page next to it is a dotted blank page for your notes with a mood tracker and "win the day" score on the bottom.

If you're anything like me (*cough* perfectionist *cough*), there's a certain pressure to answer everything right and to leave blank anything that confuses you in fear of getting it wrong. I'll give you the same advice my therapist told me: Think small. You won't have grand goals every day, and you're not here to impress anyone. This BestSelf journal is for your own eyes only, and you can fill it up however you want.
My favorite sections are definitely the bucket list and goal tracker pages. The bucket list is exactly what you need to keep all your New Year resolutions in one place. Here's the place to write all your hopes and dreams for 2023. Think big, think small, and write it all down. In our daily hustle, we often forget about the little things we want to accomplish during the year. Just think about how fun it will be this time next year to look back and see how many of these you've accomplished!

The goal tracker is what I was especially excited about. I need my goals broken down like this because otherwise they seem too big and too overwhelming, and I'm anxious to even start. My main plan for these pages is to use them to consider the big features and articles I need to write for work: What are the deadlines? Whom do I need to contact or interview? When do I want all of my interviews to be completed? What's my main motivation? If you struggle with task initiation, this breakdown is so helpful.
In case it wasn't yet clear, I highly recommend this journal. It may seem really overwhelming at first, with all its components (I didn't even mention the online resources, PDFs, separate morning/night rituals, and goal-tracking calendar!), but it's amazing once you take the pages one at a time. And what better time than when we're all excited and prepping for the new year? Take full advantage of all that motivation to start your 2023 right.
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