Make Yoga Easier — & Better For You, Too

yogaprops_horizontalPhotographed By Justin Namon.
Yoga class isn’t just a random series of poses woven together and set to an Enya soundtrack. Each flow has a purpose, and every posture, from headstand to seated spinal twist, has a specific body benefit. The trick is that to reap all the good stuff, you need to be doing the pose with proper form — which is not easy, especially if you aren't naturally flexible.
But, don't roll your yoga mat up and store it away just yet. Utilizing basic props can help correct alignment, explains Women's Health. Yoga tools — such as blocks, straps, and blankets — can improve your practice by helping you move more comfortably and confidently throughout different asanas. Newbies and regulars alike can benefit from a little fine-tuning, courtesy of these props. For example, using blocks and wedges can provide a little extra height, letting you "reach" the floor and get grounded — even if you're actually inches away.
Click through for a breakdown of four common yoga props, including what they do and how to use them. Now, there's no pose you can't do — and your mat won't be so lonely, either. (Women's Health)

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