The Best Song Lyrics Of 2018 (So Far)

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In the oft-debated music versus lyrics dispute — as in, which is more integral — I'm always team lyrics. Yes, a killer beat is important, but the right words? That's where a song hooks me. The lyrics are what run on repeat in my head and what compel me to cue a track up on repeat.
And 2017 gave us many lyrical gifts: Luis Fonsi's "Despacito," Future's "Mask Off," Selena's "Bad Liar," Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You," and the iconic "Bodak Yellow" (all hail queen Cardi). There were a diverse genre of Billboard toppers, and we documented some of our favorites in a slideshow.
But as we galavant into 2018, we're setting our sights on some new tunes: Drake's alleged new project, an album from Nicki Minaj, a February 2 drop from Justin Timberlake, new music from country crooner Sam Hunt, and a rumored Frank Ocean album.
Ahead, we're documenting our favorite lyrics of 2018 in a real-time, weekly-updated format. So open up your Spotify, cue up a new playlist, and read on for our favorite jams of 2018.
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"Thank U, Next," Ariana Grande

Thought I'd end up with Sean
But he wasn't a match
Wrote some songs about Ricky
Now I listen and laugh
Even almost got married
And for Pete, I'm so thankful
Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm
'Cause he was an angel

Ariana Grande spilled all the tea on every ex and where she's at in love after her surprise engagement and breakup to Pete Davidson.

— Courtney E. Smith
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Travis Scott "SICKO MODE"

Two four hour lockdown, we made no moves
Now it's 4 AM and I'm back up poppin' with the crew
I just landed in, Chase B mix this pop like Jamba Juice
Different colored chains, think my jeweler really sellin' fruits
And they chokin', man, know the crackers wish it was a noose

Scott manages to address racism, talk about his Froot Loops-inspired chain, and bring back Jamba Juice all in once verse.

— Courtney E. Smith
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"when the party's over" Billie Eilish

Don't you know I'm no good for you
I've learned to lose you, can't afford to
Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin'
But nothin' ever stops you leavin'

Heartbreak gets it's 808s in this beautifully written track from Billie Eilish.

— Courtney E. Smith
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The Carters "APESHIT"

Gimme my check, put some respeck on my check
Or pay me in equity, pay me in equity
Or watch me reverse out the debt (skrrt)

Bey knows how to cut to the point, even when she's talking about money.

— Courtney E. Smith
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"44 More," Logic

Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry
If that ain't a sign of the times then I don't know what is, man this shit is scary
'Cause bitch, I've been blowin' up like C-4 and I'm 3 for 3 like a free throw

The sequel to 2016's "44 Bars" off of his Bobby Tarantino mixtape, Logic's latest release is comprised of one killer verse made up of exactly 44 bars.
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"Psycho," Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Damn, my AP goin' psycho, lil' mama bad like Michael
Can't really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you
My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload

Post Malone is the king of hypnotic rock/rap/pop. I think I've listened to this song at least 100 times since its February 23rd release, and I cannot get it out of my head.
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Karma’s gonna get you, you
Karma’s gonna get you, you
Watch out, you’ll get what’s coming
Your number’s up, so hit the ground running
Karma’s gonna get you, you

BELLSAINT, an up-and-coming alt-pop artist, flexes her breathy, beautiful vocals on this catchy, soulful track.
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"Out Of Focus," Chelsea Cutler

I hate the way you smoke cigarettes when you're drunk
But you always remember to call me
And I hate the way you say that you're right when you're wrong
But you always come back home to love me

Cutler's unique vocal style and deeply personal lyrics prompt an instant emotional connection to her songs. She's an artist to watch.
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"The Ways," Khalid with Swae Lee

I really want a power girl
You been runnin' through my section all day
You been runnin' through my mind all day
All day, all day, all day, all day, yeah, uh

The Black Panther album is full of serious jams, but this collab between Khalid and Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee is melodic perfection.
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"Moon River," Frank Ocean

Moon river, wider than a mile
Crossin' in style someday
My dream maker, heartbreaker
Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' the same

This track was originally recorded by Audrey Hepburn for her role in Breakfast At Tiffany's, and Ocean released a surprise cover of it on his YouTube channel for Valentine's Day.
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"Freak And Geeks," Childish Gambino

I am runnin' this bitch, you are just a dog walker

My love for Childish Gambino knows no bounds, and I am thrilled that his 2011 EP was recently re-released and made available on Spotify at the end of January. He is a lyrical genius. Case closed.
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"Apparition," Blue Americans

Do you wanna be the apparition that saves me on a Parisian bay
Let me tell you about the apparition
That makes me wanna know you especially bad

Hypnotic is the only descriptor that would do this song justice. I had never heard of Blue Americans, a new Belfast-bred band, until this song, but I'm so glad I found them. I've had this song on repeat for a week.
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"Look Alive," BlocBoy JB, Drake

This f**in' industry is cutthroat, I'm not the same, man
And I could let you check the tag, now, I'm rockin' name brand
I'm only chasin' after bags, now I got a game plan

Drake isn't the technical headliner of this song, but his signature smooth rap style dominates the track.
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"Heaven," Julia Michaels

No need to imagine
'Cause I know it's true
They say "all good boys go to heaven"
But bad boys bring Heaven to you

Michaels is a lyrical queen, and this song, off the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, is another jewel in her songwriting crown.
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"Love Made Me Do It," Ellise

Wish I could stop
But this feeling has taken all control
Can't keep this up
Somebody lock me up, don't trust myself no more

This rising star's debut track echoes feelings of inescapable love and passion. Lets face it —we've all been there.
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"Roll With Us," Doja Cat

Leave all that drama out the door, that shit can wait
And boy you know you ain't just fly, 'cause I'm in LA

I'd never heard of Doja Cat until last week, but this California-tinged hip-hop track is so catchy and smooth. I'm calling it early — this is the ultimate summer party song.
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"Why," Bazzi

I'm still on your Netflix
Girl, I know you love me
Even though your parents
They don't fucking trust me

The ultimate sign of potential reconciliation after a breakup? If your ex doesn't kick you off of their Netflix account.
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"The Middle," Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

Oh baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle?
I'm losing my mind just a little
So why don't you just meet me in the middle?
In the middle

Zedd and country crooner Maren Morris team up for an ode to the intricacies of compromise and communication in relationships.
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"Narcos," Migos

Trapping like a narco (narco)
Got dope like Pablo (Pablo)

This track is so freaking catchy. It's ripe with references to illegal activity, but the beat is banging.
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"God's Plan," Drake

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry

Drake's surprise dual-single release was exactly what we needed mid-dreary January. This track has one of the best beats I've heard in a while, and some hilariously perfect lyrics. Who doesn't possess eternal, undying love for their bed?!
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"Goodlove," Justine Skye

Two in the AM come and get it, get it
It's mine [ya, do ya, do ya dig]
You don’t stay, you don’t stay far from the crib
So baby pick up, pick up when I'm calling for it

Justine Skye's debut album came out on January 19th and its full of absolute bangers, including this track about a fun, no-strings-attached romance.
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"No Drama," Tinashe ft. Offset

We pulled up in Gucci, dripped down in Gabbana (drip, drip)
Bad as I wanna, only chasin' commas (woo, woo)
I need me a side thing, hold the drama (side)

Tinashe flips the script on gender roles in this song, and we love her carefree, empowering vibes. An Offset feature only adds to the ambiance.
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"Spotlight," Marshmello & Lil Peep

When the moon hit your skin, I could see you and him
Not you and me, yeah, but it's just you and me, yeah

Released two months after Peep's passing, Spotlight is a trance-like, beautiful, emo-rap collab with DJ Marshmello that touches on themes of love and loss.
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"See Me," Rich Brian

Feelin' like I traveled through some time, oh man
Skippin' through some years but it feel right, oh yeah
Gettin' ready for some blessings comin' our way
Forrest, Forrest runnin' for some days

18-year-old Brian Imanuel, a rapper from Indonesia, reminds us of a new-age Kid Cudi on his latest record about evolution and adolescence.
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"Thinking About You," Alex Aiono

It's like the quarter that you lost
In the space right between
The side door and the front seat of your car
So close but you're so far

Aiono managed to make the transition from YouTuber to musician look seamless, a rare feat, and his latest release is an catchy, upbeat take on a breakup.
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"All The Stars," Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Love, let's talk about love
Is it anything and everything you hoped for?
Or do the feeling haunt you?
I know the feeling haunt you

Lamar & SZA, both a part of the Top Dawg Entertainment label, kick off 2018 with this breathy, emotional duet.
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"Finesse Remix," Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

When I'm walkin' with you
I watch the whole room change
Baby, that's what you do
No, my baby, don't play

This surprise remix from Bruno Mars and Cardi B (all hail Queen Cardi), which also launched with an accompanying video, feels like the perfect upbeat start to 2018.
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"10," TYSM

I hold my breath and I count to ten
I close my eyes, I can feel you bend, around me
Pierce right through like a ballpoint pen

TYSM was one of my best 2017 musical discoveries, and her latest pseudo love song is poetic, enticing, and addictive.
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"Porsche," Charli XCX

One rose, layin' on your grave 'cause
You pushed everyone away, but
My mausoleum, pretty like Versailles
Man I played it out, 'bout a thousand times, yeah

Pop powerhouse Charli XCX's new album Pop 2 is packed with catchy tracks, but "Porsche," a song about a scorned lover channeling her heartbreak into purchasing a Porsche, is a highlight. Girl power!
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"With You," Fetty Wap, KDL

When I'm with you, I swear we be goin’, we be rollin’, ay
I’m layin’ out the world, world
When I'm with you, I swear we be goin’ we be rollin’
And I’m layin’ out the world, world

Fetty Wap, the genius behind "Trap Queen," is back with another pop-meets-rap banger about the power of falling in love.

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