Can’t Get Enough Pumpkin? Read On…

With Halloween just around the corner, the world has finally reached peak pumpkin mania. We’ve done our due diligence to cover it here at R29 — from debunking myths behind the spice to our dispatch from the pumpkin festival riots, not to mention our roundup of the many ingenious carvings it inspired. This, of course, is this squash's month in the sun.
But, for all the discussion — and, simultaneously, fatigue — it's created, little has been said about how multifunctional the pumpkin is, and how every part of it can be put to good use. The soft, creamy meat and crunchy seeds can dress up everything from salads to tacos. And, the skin is even used in Chinese medicine for its high nutritional value.
To show that there's more to the gourd than meets the eye, we've compiled seven pumpkin recipes from our archives that are as unexpected as they are delicious. You won't find anything about pie here (not that we don't enjoy a slice every now and then) — these are for the experimental. Prepare to see the pumpkin in a whole new light.

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