The Best Way To Make Your Instagram Amazing

Instagram serves many purposes, but more often than not, it serves to make your followers jealous. That's right. Whether it's a drool-worthy brunch spread or a shot of your killer new shoes (or maybe just a puppy at the office), your Instagram is meant to share what amazing, jaw-dropping life moment you're experiencing RIGHT NOW.

Still, smartphone cameras and Instagram filters hardly do life justice. Enter the bevy of photo apps designed to make your photos that much better. VSCO Cam, a pro pick, allows you to choose separate exposure and focus points, making it a favorite of city and food photographers alike. Pro HDR beautifully captures color-filled skies and scenes with difficult light, while SKRWT is great for super-linear buildings. And Afterlight? That's every Pinterest girl's dream. So, which photo app is right for YOUR Instagram? Take the quiz below to find out — swipe right if you like the photo, left if you don't, and we'll find the right one for you.


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