The Best Topcoat, According To Math

Photo: Courtesy of Seche Vite.
We love our nail-polish colors, in all their pastel, neon, or jewel-toned glory. But, there's a whole lot more that goes into a proper manicure, including hand creams, nail treatments, and — you guessed it — topcoats, your mani's armor against the elements. (And, by elements, we mean your handbag.) Which topcoat reigns supreme? We turned to our buds over at Rank & Style to find out.
The site uses customer reviews, editors' picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products are going to work the hardest for you without bruising your bank account. Consider its authors beauty lovers with a penchant for math. After crunching the numbers, Rank & Style has named Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat as the best of the bunch.
Seche Vite beats out some of the other, more well-known, brands for a couple of reasons. Aside from being insanely popular and a top editors' pick (we've never seen a manicurist on set without it), the clear product has garnered some pretty impressive user reviews. On Ulta, Techmom64 says, "With Seche, I don't worry about chipped nail polish, and the shine lasts for more than a week." Considering the daily beatings our nails take from things like typing and washing dishes, we'd say that's pretty impressive.
Plus, Seche Vite is seriously quick-drying. And, other users have noted that it doesn't bubble, making it a true all-star. It's basically a glossy shield for your nails — which keeps you from spending all that time with your hands under the dryer (or blowing on your fingers like a maniac).

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