6 Healthy Foods To Eat When You Have The Munchies

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Having the munchies after you smoke weed can make you desperately innovative with the food that you have around the house. It's like an episode of the cooking show Chopped, only with much higher stakes (and contestants). Scientifically speaking, we know that smoking cannabis impacts your appetite and makes food seem and taste more appealing. While anything goes when you're stoned and snacking ("melted cheese on chicken!" "crackers wrapped in bacon!" "plain lettuce and spicy Thai sauce!"), certain foods can actually help to enhance the impact of cannabis, says Laura Lagano, MS, RD, an integrative clinical nutritionist and co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Network.
"Cannabis is lipophilic, which means it loves fat," Lagano says. If you eat foods that contain fat, she says your body will absorb the cannabis better. And if nutrition is a concern of yours, Lagano says you should aim for foods with healthy fats. Having these kinds of snack foods on hand will help you munch on nutrient-dense (and delicious) foods and save you a late-night trip to the store.
Here are six perfect munchies foods, according to Lagano.

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