A Guide To Summer Mosquito Domination: No Bites, All Glory

For those of us blessed with sensitive complexions, every moment spent outside during summertime poses a perilous run-in with our thin skin's arch-nemesis: the mosquito. If you find yourself annually plagued by the merciless bites of these evil insects, then you've come to the right place for itchy-welt relief — because we've strategized a shop guide to do absolute battle against them. To put it frankly: if mosquitos are White Walkers, then we're MF Arya Stark.
Instead of seeking shelter indoors for the next few months, take back control of your summer skin by fending off bites with an army of the best protective products: from repellent plants to perfumes and even bracelets. Ahead we've rounded up the skin-safe defenders that aren't all sprays and citronella candles (although those are strong protectors, too). Scroll forth to equip yourself with the mosquito-dominating goods that are ready to do almost as much damage as Valyrian steel. Not today.
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