18 Men’s Products Every Girl Should Be Using

If you've ever snagged a dollop of your father's shaving cream or a spritz of a guy friend's cologne, you probably know that just because a product has the word "men's" slapped on the label, doesn't mean it won't work its magic on women.
Sure, this may not sound like a novel concept (because it definitely isn't), but purchasing gender-assigned beauty products has been a longtime norm — and we're calling bullshit.
Given that women's products are priced higher than men's (thanks, "pink tax"), we think more women should consider men's products over the flowery, pastel-hued items we're "supposed" to buy. Ahead, we asked some beauty pros which men's products they love to use. Next time you're in your local Target, maybe you'll think twice before glossing over the men's beauty aisle.