Cue The Montage! The Best Makeover Scenes, Ever!

The movie makeover is such a hallowed tradition that Not Another Teen Movie appropriately skewered the trope with an incredible moment, when the removal of glasses prompts the heroine to new social heights. Second only to "the training montage," the makeover montage is the most literal way to demonstrate character evolution, but with a rock-n-roll soundtrack and a whole lotta high-fives. Gone are the glasses/hair/gender/mannerisms, and suddenly: The movie's plot is in full-swing.
Of course, nine times out of 10, the makeover only obscured the real coolness of the character in question, something the audience (and sometimes, the fictional person) tends to realize in the end.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Forgive the crappy quality — it was the best we could find, but watching Robin Williams cycle through characters (and stereotypes) was perhaps the highest point of the '90s.

Princess Diaries

To quote Anne Hathaway's Golden Globes speech, " the girl who started out as the Princess of Genovia, I can't tell you how encouraging it is to know that the Flying Nun grew up to be Norma Rae."


Cruel, unusual, and yet thoroughly awesome, this late-90s gem is full of hard truths about vanity and popularity, plus a lot of cropped cardigans we can't help but love. The whacky fade-ins and voiceovers are what make this scene worth watching over and over again!

Pretty Woman

Of course, this scene is less about the makeover and more about the fabulous Julia Roberts returning to the jerk of a salesperson who was rude to her the day before and rubbing all of her spending in her face.

My Fair Lady

While this is less of a "makeover" and more of a transformation (for more of an extreme makeover, try the original movie, Pygmalion), but My Fair Lady is the ultimate tale of getting one's life revamped.


While this isn't the exact Tai makeover montage, you've got the song, you've got the hair-washing scene, and you've even got the big reveal. We think you'd agree: This is the ultimate makeover to end all makeovers.

She's All That

Some point out that Laney Boggs had less of a makeover and more of a "taking-off-glasses, putting-on-dress," but it's the attitude that counts. Of course, we all know that Laney is still Laney, because no amount of lip gloss can hide innate clutziness.

She's The Man
Ah, yes: Back in the days when we could conceivably believe that Amanda Bynes would be dating Channing Tatum. And that Amanda Bynes is an awesome soccer star, too.

Encino Man

The part that is unbelievable about Encino Man's plot has less to do with a neanderthal showing up in California who is willing to embrace '90s popular culture, and more to do with the fact that a cool guy like Stony (Pauly Shore) would ever hang out with a jerk like Dave (Sean Astin).

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