Need A Melodrama Marathon? These Are The Best Lifetime Movies On Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime.
Unpopular opinion: Lifetime movies are pretty darn amazing. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. They are cheesy, overly dramatic and occasionally (read: always) a little unrealistic. But, truthfully, that's what makes them so much fun to watch.
They're the perfect remedy on a day when all you feel like doing is veggin' out on the couch, since it doesn't take a lot of energy to watch and follow what's happening. And given the fact that Lifetime has made a, well, lifetime commitment to telling stories about stalker neighbors, soccer moms turned serial killers, and teenage terrors, there are some good films out there amongst the duds. Best of all: you can stream them on Netflix. You know, just in case you wouldn't be caught dead actually watching Lifetime.
Here are some of the most interesting and outrageous, but still really good films to add to your queue. Because yes, everyone needs a little melodrama in their life sometimes.

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