Cook Like A Gourmet Chef With These Highly-Rated Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Here's a scenario many home cooks find themselves in all the time: you're working off a recipe for some incredible dish, then you get to a part that specifically calls for fresh herbs. What do you do? Whether it's basil, oregano, cilantro, or mint, if you haven't planned ahead and picked up a few stalks, you end up having to reach for that jar of dried green leaves. Depending on the dish, opting for dried herbs won't make a huge difference, but it doesn't feel quite as fancy. The chef that created this recipe surely has a flourishing herb garden, ensuring each dish she makes is super flavorful and elevated. And with a little help, you can rise to this chef's level.
Indoor herb garden kits are available all over the internet. They're easy to plant and provide quick access to the most commonly-used cooking herbs right inside your kitchen. We've gathered eight different kits that each received high customer reviews online. They range in price and size, but each offers fresh, delicious herbs without a trip to the store or a huge backyard.
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Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 117 reviews

"Perfect for my apartment"

"I had been dreaming of growing my own herbs when I found this indoor kit. I get tired of buying herbs at the store only to use part of them and then throw the rest away. It's expensive. So in my apartment I'm growing my own and using only what I need. Plus they're fresh. Not all of the ones I would find at the store were organic, so I REALLY like how I can grow my own organic herbs and spend less. And EVERYTHING in this kit is organic, which is cool and different — it is the only one I found like that. Until the day I can move into a house and can grow herbs outside in the backyard, I now have herbs growing on my windowsill in my very small, apartment kitchen ;)"
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AeroGarden Harvest Slim with Gourmet Herbs 6-Pod Seed Kit

4.6 out of 5 stars on with 64 reviews

"Love it!"
"I bought this a month ago, and I find myself casually mentioning my herb garden to everyone I talk to. Lol. I am now cooking things that I have never made before to use my herbs. I made homemade Margherita pizza so I could use my basil. I made a Thai ground beef curry so I could use my Thai basil. My dill is my fastest growing herb so I made a dill salad dressing, and I put dill in all my salads. I love my AeroGarden. It has changed my life! I cook more now, and my food tastes amazing because of my fresh herbs."
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Herb Garden Gift Basket from MountainlilyFarm

5 out of 5 stars on Etsy with 2,404 reviews

"So wonderful!"
"My husband and I love this set so much. It was just what we needed to get our little herb garden started!... Thank you again, we can’t wait till these babies start sprouting!"
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Sower's Source Herb Garden Starter Kit (Indoor)

4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 135 reviews

"So easy"
"I wanted to start to keep more herbs in my kitchen and didn't want to make it a large project and this was perfect. Everything I needed was included in the box as well as plenty of leftover seeds to plant more. This is a great assortment of herbs, and they are sprouting after a couple of weeks since planting. I'm going to buy another as a gift I like it so much."
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Back To The Roots Basil/Cilantro/Mint Grow Kit Herb Garden

3.4 out of 5 stars on with 12 reviews

"Easy to Use, Looks Great"
"Our daughter is obsessed with watering plants and flowers and takes a lot of pride in creating things herself and was so excited to open this little kit. It comes with an adorable coloring book/cookbook, which I think will do nicely to get and keep her excited about what she's able to grow. The designs of the packaging are all so gorgeous, if ours grows for us, I will be getting more to give as gifts! If it doesn't grow for us, I am confident that Back to the Roots will handle it as it has a 100% guaranteed. There's also this adorable thing where if you share pictures of it growing with the company as well as the school you want one sent to, the company will send one to the school for free! We'll be taking them up on this!"
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Buzzy Herb Gardening Kit

4.5 out of 5 stars on with 14 reviews

"Growing herbs and very affordable price!"
"I wanted year-round fresh herbs, but I haven't ever tried to grow them indoors so didn't want to go with those very pricey options. I'm so excited. I planted in a sunny window when we've had sun which has been infrequent and misted them with water daily, if I remember, and I have 20-30 growing in each pot. I'm going to be thinning them soon. My largest pot of herbs is an inch tall and getting thick not spindly. Great price, great growers can't ask for more. Definitely will be buying more and recommending to others."
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Garden Republic Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 86 reviews

"Everything you need, minus the water!!! Love it!!"

"This is amazing!! Love the price! Love the quality! Easy to use instructions. Came with a cute wooden box that can be repurposed. Everything you need, except water, is packaged perfectly in this box. It's non GMO and heirloom quality seeds. I purchased this one for myself, but I will be purchasing as gifts for others. Love it!
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AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi with Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit

4 out of 5 stars on with 38 reviews

"Inside Garden"
"I love my AeroGarden. I am currently getting the spring seedlings growing. Almost no effort and I was able to get my favorite Yellow Miniature sweet tomatoes going. Going to be a great summer at our house."