It's Summer — Let's Look At Ice Cream

Ice cream is the undisputed iconic symbol of summer, and with good reason. It's always rescuing us from heat exhaustion and answering the call of our demanding sweet tooth.
Such an aesthetically pleasing (okay, and delicious) treat is obviously one to document. So, we took to Instagram to find out what the world is licking. From a classic (albeit green) soft-serve to a peanut butter, Oreo, and Rice Crispy cone, there's enough to bring on a proper brain freeze. Click through and then find the nearest stand. Surely, we've scooped the competition.
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A cookie dough coffee combo.
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Photo: Via @dinakarina.
Soda soft-serve, anyone?
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Photo: Via @inthakool.
Dark-chocolate glory.
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Photo: Via @rashaalazawe.
This is how they do twist pops in Japan.
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Photo: Via @omqwhoah.
The beach plus a cone equals the perfect day.
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Photo: Via @miintodk_kids.
Sunset shades with a vanilla finish.
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Photo: Via @rachelmowrer.
Peanut butter Oreo ice cream in a Rice Crispy cone. Done.
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Photo: Via @cheyenneraw.
Shamrock swirl?
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Photo: Via @betcheswhoeat.
Double the fun.
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Photo: Via @ppinjamariaa.
Not for the toppings averse.

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