The Best Pick-Up Lines To Use At The Gym

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Finding love at the gym is a lot like lifting heavy weights: Not as intimidating as it seems, and totally worth it. Some people feel more comfortable approaching people at a gym or workout class than in a noisy bar, because there's no pressure to go home together that night. Plus, being surrounded by like-minded people who share a common interest and lifestyle is comforting, and one 2015 study found that participating in group exercise leads to better social bonds. And social bonds can also lead to romantic bonds, right?
But just because a person is out in the open at the gym, doesn't mean they want to talk to you (or anyone, for that matter). "If they're not engaging, they're clearly not interested or would rather be focusing on their workout than a stranger," says Danielle Lohmann, vice president of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, who owns a gym in California. "Know when to leave, and don't take it personally."
That being said, people are usually friendly at the gym, and you shouldn't let their headphones and sweat intimidate you (though maybe don't try to talk to them if they're still wearing those headphones). Here are a few clever ideas for one-liners that can totally work in a workout class — no locker room talk involved. These aren't sure-fire wins for every single person you might encounter at the gym, but they may at least spark some ideas.
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Have you taken a class with this instructor before?

Why it works: It feels good when someone wants to know your opinion. They might have a funny story about why they always go to a certain instructor, or have a suggestion for someone else you should try... together.
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Would you mind spotting me?

Why it works: Spotting is a normal thing to ask someone to do at the gym, so it's the perfect icebreaker. You might end up chatting about how much you both love lifting.
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You move really gracefully.

Why it works: It's a compliment about a skill they have instead of their appearance. Marvin Foster, an instructor at SoulCycle, said he was drawn to his partner Parker Radcliffe's "creative aesthetic," and he viewed him as an artist on the bike. Tone and context are important for this one, since it can easily venture into the creepy zone. To make sure you're not crossing any boundaries, comment on how they move, not what they look like when they do it. And smile! It helps.
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I like your shoes. Are they comfortable?

Why it works: Finding a pair of workout sneakers that you love can be a real journey, so this compliment-plus-question will probably lead to a longer story and conversation. Plus, a lot of people like talking about shoes.
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You have awesome form.

Why it works: People work hard on their form, so a little recognition is nice. "One of the best compliments I've ever been given at the gym was from a guy squatting around 400 pounds, and he told me that I seemed really strong and that I had a great deadlift," Lohmann says.
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I think you'd love this song for your workout playlist.

Why it works: Exercise instructors, in particular, like it when you appreciate the playlists they make for class, says Emily Turner, a SoulCycle instructor. Her now fiancé originally sent her emails requesting songs to play during a group ride. Eventually, he emailed her asking her to get drinks, and the rest is history.
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I feel like we go to all the same classes.

Why it works: If you keep seeing someone around the gym, it is not creepy to comment on it — they're probably thinking the same thing. You could ask them to grab a coffee after the next class, or at least have an "in" to chat during the class.

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