5 Gifts For Every Relationship Stage To Help You Avoid Potential Awkwardness

It can be hard to know what kind of holiday gift to get your significant other. Maybe they’re not that significant yet, and you’re afraid that your gift may come on too strong. Or maybe you’ve been together for so long that you’ve run out of ideas and started giving them sex IOUs instead. (Nothing wrong with that.) Or maybe you’re at the awkward middle stage of commitment where one of you really wants to move in and is dropping increasingly less subtle hints to that effect.
Clearly, holiday shopping for a partner can be tricky — possibly even trickier than finding an appropriate gift for your office Secret Santa (which can be a pretty perilous task). You can’t just get a Starbucks gift card and call it a day. Generic gifts can be a serious buzzkill.
Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the web sleuthing and found five gifts for each relationship stage, from pre-commitment to LTR status. No matter where you’re at with your boo, here are a few gift options that might take some of the stress out of holiday shopping.

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